The Return of The Gotham Rogue

Most fans are excited about the new logo and mascot for The Gotham City Rogues, but after Mr. Dinitelli's tirade on GCN, I felt a public response was called for. 

The Bandit was the original mascot for The Gotham City Rogues.  Adopting it as the official logo is a return to that proud tradition which began in 1939. 

It is not a stunt to sell more merchandise, nor are we "kow-towing to a hippie, communist, liberal, art student, internet hacker, immigrant, socialist agenda" in discontinuing the handgun logo.  The corporations which donated so generously to the expansion of the stadium did not dictate this change in logo.  The decision was made solely by myself and the board of trustees, who are in unanimous agreement that the handgun is not the best symbol for a city emerging from the kind of mob violence Gotham has been prey to.

I am quite certain that should Mr. Dinitelli wish to reconsider his position and attend a game at Gotham Stadium, he will see fans waving Rogues Rags with the old logo sitting beside those waving the new, all chanting for the fire to rise and all cheering the team on to another championship season.

-Arthur Pack,
Owner, Gotham Rogues

Yes, we know

We are aware that the recent clean-up of the hack attack by the "Social Hacktivist Group" calling itself the anonymous chapter of Occupy Gotham has missed a few spots here and there.  We are working round the clock to have the Rogues Website fully functional.  In the meantime, we have prepared a short video to pass the time:  Gotham's own Professor of Pigskin explains THE RISING FIRE:

Did you know?

As we hinted last week, Official Gotham Rogues gear - including jerseys exactly like the ones you see Ward, Embree and others wearing in Gotham Stadium on GAME DAY is now for sale from Under Armour who makes the originals. 

Click here to purchase limited edition Gotham Rogues Gear

You can also register to win Gotham Rogues Gear at one of our corporate partner's websites?  It's true!  A genuine Gotham Rogues jersey and helmet to one lucky Gothamite. 


Fan Zone:

The Gotham Rogues fans are more devoted to their team than those in any other city.  They don't  just wave their Rogues Rags during the Rising Fire Rally, they bring their symbol of Gotham Roguedom with them wherever they go. 

We love seeing all the places your Rogue Rags are displayed, but before you tweet or facebook share, please remember our many young sports fans.  No nudity, no adult content, no trespassing or defacing property, and don't put yourselves in any danger.